Due to a sudden misfortune , Editor Marya Legrand is unable to continue to work for the paper in that capacity. This issue she shares the editorial with Chester Collins who will likely continue as editor in the near future.

To Our Community

By Marya Legrand

With this issue of the Eagle, I gratefully pass it into the capable hands of a very talented group of younger students. They have brought a high level of ideas, energy, and commitment to this project, as you can see in the Eagle you are holding.

My focus has been on the publication of the Extra. They have taken complete responsibility for the rest. They've done a good job, produced a successful paper - and I'm proud of them. During my time here, both as staff and as editor, I have learned so much and I hope for all of our new crew that they benefit as much as I have.

With sincere thanks, and deepest affection to all those who have helped me, I now say fare ye well to the Eagle, and a warm welcome to its new editor, Chet Collins.




By Chester Collins,
Acting Editor

Howdy folks, and welcome again to the EAGLE. As usual things, are changing here at the college newspaper; so we want to introduce you to the new staff and the new look of the EAGLE.

The New EAGLE Look

The EAGLE this time around is full of pictures from around campus. On the front page we have the College water tower with "Eagle Eye Al" looking down on the College, while Ed the Landscaper ponders new possibilities for the campus flora. Football players huddle in the corner after a game, while other students play piano, paint, study and measure out solutions in chemistry class.

These pictures all came from the EAGLE's Digital Camera, flying around campus taking action pictures of student life. Look for more of that in our upcoming issues.

The new Eagle Staff

We have a great group of new folks involved.

Chet Collins, acting editor, is a student who just got back from El Salvador where he spent 6 months living in a village learning Spanish and farming.

April Pack is a student from Cloverdale. This is her first semester at college. She enjoys writing poetry and going out and meeting new people. (Call her at 468-3096 if your interested)

The Ecology Club has created the Eco-News page, keeping us up to date with the on campus recycling programs and local and global eco-events.

Alida Burnstad is our Bilingual Page editor, and is looking forward to contributions for next issue. She also is involved with other educational projects like the Cloud Forest Institute which has a site in Ecuador and the Ecology Club.

Belinda Slatten, one of our staff writers is a student here at Mendocino College and is also involved with Americorp (look on page 8 for her article).

Devin Daniel is our Question Man! He is studying here at Mendo before returning to Cal Poly to further enlighten his mac attack.. Watch out for him around campus doing his EAGLE Duty.

Emily Hein and Naida Blevins are doing the EAGLE movie Review. (Look for it on page 10.)

What's in this issue

We have lots of articles from our staff and other students.

We have a few letters to the editor, and Eagle Eye Al with news from the top of the water tower. Belinda Slatten takes us into her job at Americorp while Veronica spends her time tutoring and doing very well at it. Naida and Emily give us a movie review of L.A. Confidential, and Alida books on a tour of Cuba..... Plus lots more.

For this issue of the EAGLE we have the new Extra put together by Marya Legrand. This is the second ever EAGLE Extra. The extra includes the EAGLE Survey Responses and a timeline of some of the events of the controversy.

What we need

We are looking for a Sports Editor. Anyone that is interested in writing in this department, come on down! Join the family if you want to have some fun with the talented EAGLE Crew.

Enjoy the EAGLE

We the EAGLE Staff hope you enjoy and participate with our college's newspaper. Write us a letter, submit an article or come over and say "Hi!" We are located right next door to the EAGLE's Nest.

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