Academic Senate Minutes

The following minutes are reproduced here just as they were received from Linda Myers, President of the Senate:

Minutes of Thursday, August 21, 1997

Present: Bob Alto, Sue Blundell, Cindy Bollens, Lynne Matheny, Phil McClurg, Lynda Myers, Laurie Vasquez, Yvonne Sligh

Absent: Bob Wallen (class conflict)

Others: Nancy McLelland, Cheryl Howard, Virginia Wagner, Gerald deBané, Erica Enzer, Vivan Power, Tony Latronica, King Collins, Dale Glaser, Hans Delyser, and others

PUBLIC COMMENT (10 minutes) Comments were heard from Anthony Browning, Hans Delyser, Albert Kraus, King Collins, Ken Ford, and Alida Burnstad.


A. Journalism: Nancy McLelland was invited to speak about the planned journalism program and then entertained questions. A senate resolution recommending the adoption of the journalism program for the Spring '98 semester will be drafted and presented at the next senate meeting.

B. Possible Forum: Bob Alto suggested that the forum concerning the Eagle newspaper might best be sponsored by the ASMC, with senate encouragement. This was the feeling of the majority of the senate. Derek Tippet agreed to take the idea to the ASMC at their next meeting. A resolution recommending that the forum be sponsored and presented by the student government will be drafted and presented at the next senate meeting.


The Carver Model - this is a Community College Board of Trustees governance model. It will be studied and discussed at the senate's fall retreat.

Senate meeting time - President Myers asked all senators to submit a schedule in order to work out a longer meeting time, since one hour is not enough. The senate also needs to find a larger meeting room.

Flex Activity - The senate's fall semester retreat was tentatively set for Friday, September 12 from 3pm - 7pm.

Minutes of Thursday, August 28, 1997

Present: Alto, Blundell, Bollens, Matheny, McClurg, Myers, Vasquez, Sligh, Wallen

Others: Latronica, Dickinson, Glaser, Guyette, Power, Delyser, N. Bell

PUBLIC COMMENT (10 minutes) An audience member raised an objection to seating arrangements. He was disruptive and was asked to leave. Because he would not do so, the Senate removed to another room.


Senate meeting Time - After a comparison of schedules, President Myers determined that there is no other common free time and the Senate meetings will remain on Thursdays at 12:30 pm.


Senate Resolution 97.1 Journalism Curriculum - First reading of this resolution resulted in some minor rewording.

Senate Resolution 97.2 Eagle Forum - First reading of this resolution resulted in some minor rewording.

Part-time Faculty Evaluation Process - Teri Robertson asked the Senate's advice on a problem. No action was taken.

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