Here we reprint page 4 of Nancy McLelland's proposal to establish a journalism program.

The Eagle Proposal: A Holistic Approach.

By Nancy McClelland,
Instructor of English,
Mendocino College

Our goal is a college newspaper written, produced, and managed solely by students. In order to achieve this goal, these four objectives must be met:

1. The institution must renew its commitment to the importance of a newspaper (a) as a central medium of information and communication for Mendocino College students, faculty and staff, and the district it serves and (b) as a medium for instruction in variety of disciplines. This will be accomplished through a fiscal commitment for staff and updated equipment, and a commitment to protect the journalism and production classes when they suffer dips in enrollment.

2. Place two journalism courses in the English department within the context of the department's writing-based curriculum. Keep the desk-top publishing course in place. Develop a longer-term plan to create a separate journalism department and major.

3. Provide an adequate budget. Increase 4's and 5's. Create an appropriate stipend and/or re-assigned time for the faculty advisor and for the production/advertising advisor.

4. Organize the administrative and faculty responsibilities to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of a college newspaper.

The Dean of Students would be the chief administrator for The Eagle. This emphasizes the commitment to a student-based activity and, with the close connection between the dean and the ASMC, emphasizes that students would be encouraged to participate and contribute whether or not they were taking the writing or production courses.

Both deans of instruction would have responsibilities divided by the four key departments involved in planning the program and creating the instructional base to support it English and Graphic Arts under Dean Bell and Computer Science and Business under Dean Hartley. The faculty advisor would be from the English department and the production/advertising advisor from the computer science department.

Ed. note: The Eagle supports fully the concept of an official instructional Journalism Program. In fact our advisors wrote such a proposal over a year ago.We suggest, however, that the English department faculty advisor should be a person experienced in with the highest levels of traditional journalistic integrity and practice in order to provide the students with the most comprehensive assistance in their education.

We also believe that crucial elements are omitted when "interdepartmental" is defined as merely English, Graphic Arts, Computer Science and Business. Of these the four areas, only English could be expected to vaguely address the societal responsibilities of journalism, which are rightly the venue of Communication as well as the Social and Political Sciences. We feel that these omissions reduce journalism to its most mundane level because a good journalist is far more than merely a wordsmith, a technician or a person of business. -Marta Legrand.

[See also the Eagle staff's response to the proposal, which was printed in the next issue of the EAgle]

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