Hands-on Short Course for the "Landscape Challenged"

by Cathy Hoyt

The California Garden

Have you ever been enthralled by a beautiful garden landscape, return home with the purpose of recreating that splendor in your own backyard, and after days (maybe even weeks) of backbreaking work, end up with a score of dead plants sticking out of a hill of dirt that looks like you buried a horse? Well, if that's you, there's hope. Mendocino College is offering a special hands-on short course called the Califomia Garden. In it, you will leam the secrets of proper mounding and plant grouping, proportioning your landscape area, planting and irrigation secrets, soil amending, and more. This is not just a textbook course where you wade through hours of lecture, but rather you will leam these hints and secrets by participating in the actual installation of the new California Garden project right here on the Mendocino College campus. Being a pemmanent installation (not just a lab project that is thrown out at the end of class), you will have the privilege of watching the garden grow and mature in the years to come

The California Garden is part of the master landscape plan for the Ag unit, and is meant to demonstrate some of the uniqueness of California design style and outdoor living. The nearly perfect climate throughout most of the state, brings downright envy from much of the rest of the nation, and allows an incredible variety of plants and uses for our westem landscapes.

The Califomia Garden, AGR 97.02, is an 8-week short course beginning Sept. l9th, so it's not too late to sign up. This half-unit course will meet Friday momings from 9-12:00 at the Agriculture Unit. And remember, it's definitely hands-on, so bring your gloves!

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