The September 1997 Eagle

Editorial By Marya Legrand, Editor


skipping a few articles, for the moment, we are putting the articles we think are most relevant. More artilces will be posted.

Note: Page numbers refer to the page in the printed edition, available from the Eagle, Main Campus, and elsewhere as posted on the home page.

Letters to the 2

HEROES OF CONSCIENCE from Will W. Martin, HS Senior; TRUSTEES RESPONSIBILITIES from Lucia Goivannetti; PRESIDENT SHOULD RESIGN! from Sott B. Smith, Jr.

Mendocino College Sports Overview
Football, Cross Country, Volleybalol. . . page 6

Re-visioning Mendocino College
By Al 8

What's the WRAP? Welfare Rights Advocacy Project
By Tola 10

Hands-on Short Course for the "Landscape Challenged"
By Cathy 10

The McClelland Proposal: English Instructor's Idea for the Eagle
By Nancy 11

Dan Hamburg Speaks at College Earth Fest
By Dan 12

What Cheek! What Bitten Tongues
By Al 14

Academic Senate Minutes and Resolutions
By Lynda 15

On a Lighter Side
By Steven Light, humor from the 16

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