By Russ Emal

Not only do we not vote for our Student Council members, we don't go to the Student Council meetings. At the last gathering of the assembly there were no students interested in what the Student Council was planning for our future in attendance. The council meets each week on Tuesday, at 12:30 p.m., in room 401. They discuss plans for campus activities, budgetary matters (they decide how to spend $10,000 to $15,000 of OUR money each year), club happenings and often engage in "lively" debate! Jerry DeChaine is the Student Council Advisor. As the only participant in the council who returns year after year, he actively "advises". As CalSac Rep Richard Pucket says, "Advisor DeChaine acts as the 'Institutional memory' for the Council." Pucket, with his past experience in the representative process, often moves the council forward by employing the "lets cut to the chase" method. Ah yes......that "lively debate!" It's really worth the price of admission. DeChaine and all the Student Council members invite all students and faculty to attend and participate. So, Have you been "Ca-Roo-Zen" the World Wide Web? The Unofficial Mendocino College Eagle Newspaper web page is now to be found onLine. Check it and us out at: www.pacific.net:80/~dglaser/EAGLE/*eagle.html .

Isn't life just great? With winter in our near past and spring just sprung, the Giants can still hope they will win the World Series. We all still believe our newly elected local government officials will be different and make changes that benefit us. We have Da' Bulls still winning! And..... the Beatles are again number one on the "Top Forty" pop charts.

Damn! Take down all your political signs already. It's not bad enough that you insult our intelligence by assuming that we would vote for you or your proposition only because you say "Vote for Prop........" or put your face on a poster, but the highways are STILL cluttered with the posters! Believe me on this one.....Susan Massini will not win no matter how hard you try to promote her and we won't be killing mountain lions.

So here's another good idea that has turned into a scam. Did you buy into the caller ID concept? Did you go out and buy one of those caller ID machines? Are you paying the phone company money so you will know who is calling you making those obscene phone calls, selling you that time share vacation rental, or maybe giving you a good deal on siding? Great idea, those machines huh? Well now, as a free give away, starting June the first, caller identification can be blocked. Starting then, everyone can go back to making their obscene phone calls with no one the wiser. The only winner is the phone company. Oh yes, you can cancel caller identification with the phone company so that you don't have to pay that monthly fee anymore but you're stuck with all the little machines.

The new figures are in. The unemployment rate for the county is 10.9%, for the month of March. Better than one out of every ten workers in the area sit at home while the working, work force pays them to do so. We pay for this problem in our county while there is plenty to be accomplished. Our forests grow no trees nor get replanted. We put pretty signs on our littered highways telling us who is dedicated to cleaning them up. How about someone (maybe one of the people we just elected) "take charge," and get our local unemployed working on some of the countless needs we could all list. How about even paying our 'unemployed' to repaint all of the gym floors in the county or cutting firewood for our elderly poor. Hey, lets gets really ambitious and build a safe bike trail along Highway 128 instead of running over bilkers. Or, maybe it is just easier to collect our tax money and keep paying out unemployment. But as long as the unemployment rate remains so embarrassingly high lets all agree to stop calling the 'Unemployment Department' the 'Employment Development Department'. Until someone develops a plan to put these people back to work, I'm still calling it what it is ('The Unemployment Department'), not what it should be doing (developing employment).

Live Music on the Quad! A number of singers and other musicians stopped by the Eagle and told me that starting on April 23rd (weather permitting), there will be "live" music on the quad (not just from a stereo). It will be music of the "Jam" type. They and all who might want to join in, do your own thing or just be entertained should be there for the "show". I have been told that this is not an organized school function sanctioned by any club or council, but just students having some fun. These musicians wanted me to tell you to "be there or be a part of what stops having more of a sense of community at our community college."

Speaking about a lack of "sense of community at our community college" where are all of the contributions, originating from the teachers at the school? Still very little participation from this direction. Many thanks to you who have the desire to participate. "Superintendent Ehmann, speak to your people!"

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