Resolutions before
the Academic Senate


Resolution #S97.07Date of vote:March 25, 1997
Title of Resolution: Considerations for M/C evaluation

Result: Carried Vote count: (for) 6 (against) 0

Therefore, be it resolved, that the faculty of Mendocino College urge the Management/Confidential group to consider the following as they revise their evaluation process:

a. faculty remain a part of the evaluation process

b. faculty comments should not be summarized

c. individual faculty comments are written verbatim and separated by a space to ensure that the statement is read in its complete form

d. Academic Senate President, in consultation with the supervisor, mutually agree upon faculty to be involved with each individual evalution


Resolution #S97.08Date of vote: April 15, 1997
Title of Resolution: Review of Mathematics Issues

Result: Tabled until Math Department can take their concerns to the Curriculum Committee.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Academic Senate requests an independent panel of professional educators from the California Mathematics Council, Community Colleges, to conduct a complete review of mathematics issues based upon a document provided by the Mathematics Faculty to the Academic Senate. The panel will present their finding and recommendations to the administration and the Board of Trustees.


Resolution # S97.09Date of vote: April 22, 1997
Title of Resolution: Hiring of the Diretor of Athletics/Physical Education

Result: Carried Vote count: (for) 5 (against) 0 One Abstension

Mutual Agreement Date: N/A

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Academic Senate requests the Board of Trustees investigative subcommittee include in their charge for review the process and procedures used in the hiring of the Director of Athletics, and

Be it finally resolved, if the Board of Trustee Subcommittee choose not to include the hiring process/procedures of the Director of Athletics in their charge to the investigator, that they, the Board of Trustees subcommittee, respond explaining their reasoning in written communication before the commencement of the investigation.


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