February and March/April
Tutors of the Month


By Susan Orocozo

Carol A. Kriek

The Tutor of the Month for February is Carol A. Kriek, a part-time student at Mendocino College. This semester Carol is tutoring beginning algebra at the Willits Center. Carol is an accomplished tutor having tutored for four years in many different subjects at the Willits Center. When talking about tutoring she said that she enjoys working with and meeting the people she tutors, stating "I love to tutor."

Carol tutored history and political science last semester and received high praise from the Willits Center instructor, Louis Rohlicek. Mr Rohlicek stated in a letter to Lynda Myers, "I cannot praise her efforts highly enough." He went on to say that with her help "...the performance and comprehension of her students rose significantly..." and that "The proof of her success was demonstrated, when I read the final exams."

Carol has been attending Mendocino College since 1991. She graduated from Mendocino College, with a 4.0 grade point average, in May 1995, receiving an associates degree in general studies. Carol now enjoys taking classes just for fun at Mendocino College, but said that at some point she would like to transfer to a four year university and continue her education on a more serious basis. When talking about her experiences at Mendocino College she said, "What has impressed me most about Mendocino College is the high caliber of instructors teaching here. Everyone of them has been wonderful."

When asked about tutoring at Mendocino College she said, "I want to thank Louis Rohlicek for his high praise of my tutoring ability. He was a great inspiration to me. He made history come alive. I am glad I was able to help other students enjoy history the way I do." Although Carol is not sure of her future educational plans she did state that she would like to teach history or business office technology at some point in the future. She went on to say, "I like helping people and I love tutoring."

Shortly after starting college, Carol became the computer lab aid at the Willits Center in September 1991 and later became the instructional aid in the computer lab at the Willits Center in October 1992. She is also a temporary classified employee and can be found behind the front desk at the Willits Center.

You will find Carol and her husband, Bart, a captain with the California Department of Forestry and Fire in Willits, enjoying golfing and camping with their two golden retrievers whenever they have free time in their busy schedules.

Darlene Purdy

The Tutor of the Month for March/April is Darlene Purdy, a full-time student and computer science major at Mendocino College, who has lived in this area since 1993. Darlene is tutoring Computer Science 20 and Computer Science 101, both Macintosh and IBM this semester. She has been tutoring since 1995 and is an accomplished tutor, having received her Advanced Tutoring Certificate, which requires fifty hours of tutoring experience and related course work.

Darlene stated that she enjoyed and learned a lot from her Education 110 tutoring class, a required class for tutors. She said that the class helped prepare her for tutoring and gave her ways in which to help her tutees understand more. According to Purdy, "Tutoring has given me an opportunity to do something I always wanted to do, which is to help others." Her dedication to tutoring is reflected not only by the many hours Darlene works, but also by the approximately 150 hours she has already volunteered this semester. The appreciation of her tutees can be seen by some of the comments made by them, such as "She has a rare gift of knowing everyone's capabilities and then she helps them make the most of those capabilities" and "Darlene has been very helpful to me and other classmates, she has a lot of patience and I hope to have her around in the future."

Darlene was recently informed that she will receive the Mendocino College Career Training and Technology Department Award for dedication and academic achievement. A member of Phi Theta Kappa, a two year college academic honor society, she plans to receive her Certificate of Achievement Award in Computer Applications next year, then to transfer to either U.C. Davis or Humboldt State University to complete her studies in computer science with the goal of earning a bachelors degree in computers. Darlene says that when she finishes her degree work she would like to teach, since she receives such satisfaction from helping students enjoy and understand their assignments.

When talking about her experiences at Mendocino College she said, "Mendocino College has been a positive experience for me. The Instructors and staff have all been wonderful. Their encouragement and support has given me the inspiration to complete my career goals."

For more information about being tutored or tutoring someone else, stop by The Learning Center, or call (707) 468-3046.


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