Shared Governance: State Recognition for Student Senate

For the faculty, the Academic Senate can be an effective tool in dealing with their issues, (see p.25, article on Academic Senate resolutions) because it is a legally recognized body designed to represent them. A "parallel recognition" has now been extended to a Student Senate for California Community Colleges. This should become a similiar tool for the students.

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TITLE 5 Regulations of the California Education Code, adopted by the Board of Governors:


This item recommends a new Title 5 regulation that would, in a manner similar to the statewide Academic Senate, provide formal Board recognition to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges.


July of 1995, the Board of Governors adopted policies that revised the Consultation Process. Among the recommendations brought forward to the Board was a recommendation that the Council of Student Body Governments (CSBG) be renamed the "Student Senate" and be recognized as the representative of community college-associated student organizations before the Board of Governors and the Chancellor's Office. One of the Procedures and Standing Orders (Section 333) specifically helped achieve this result.

The Academic Senate, in addition to being recognized in Board Standing Order (Section 332), is also recognized in Title 5 regulations of the Board of Governors (Section 53206). To provide parallel recognition for the Student Senate, the students, through the Consultation Process, have proposed the addition of Title 5 language recognizing the Student Senate.

The students' proposal was reviewed by the Consultation Council at its meeting of November 30, 1995. The consensus of the Council was that a Title 5 regulation should be added to recognize the Student Senate. In addition, the students informed the Council that they were still working on their governing charter, and the exact name of the organization had not yet been decided; thus, they requested flexibility in terms of the exact name which would appear in the text of the proposed new regulation.

The Chancellor indicated he would seek a first reading item on the March 1996 Board Agenda, and that during the coming months, staff would work with the students to complete their governing charter and determine the precise name of the organization.

On March 14, 1996, the Board of Governors reviewed the first reading item of this proposed Title 5 regulation. At the May meeting, the students requested a deferral of the item in order for technical issues to be resolved. These matters have been resolved and the regulation language slightly re-drafted to accurately reflect how the Student Senate has been established.

Recommended Action:

That the Board adopt the Title 5 regulations, recognizing the Student Senate, as presented.

Regulations on Recognizing the Student Senate:

Section 50002 is added to Subchapter 1 (commencing with Section 50001) of Chapter 1 of Division 6 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations to read:

50002. Student Senate for California Community Colleges.

(a) A Student Senate for the California Community Colleges has been established in conjunction with local associated student organizations so that the community college students of California may have a formal and effective means for participating in the formation of state policies that have or may have a significant impact on students.

(b) The Board of Governors recognizes the Student Senate for the California Community Colleges as the representative of community college-associated student organizations before the Board of Governors and the Chancellor's Office.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 66700 and 70901. Education Code. Reference: Section 70901. Education Code.


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