Knowledge Is Power

By Marya Legrand

"Shared governance" is a buzz word that we have all heard, but what does it mean? And how does it effect the lives and education of students, staff and faculty here at the College?

"Shared governance, the practice of involving those that are affected by decisions in the decision-making process, is mandated by AB1725."

(that is, State Assembly Bill #1725 ­ ed.)

As we have listened to some of our ASMC officers, we have realized that students can be a more important part of the decision-making process here than most of us realize, but...

"In order for it to be successful, people must have access to, and use, the information necessary to make good decisions."

The statement above has great relevance to the Eagle. It reinforces our notion that the mission of the Eagle is to insure that the flow of information ­ and even more, the flow of communication ­ continues.

It is clear that the Eagle has a job to do.

In the following three and a half pages we're presenting actual documents from our Board of Trustees Handbook and the Title 5 Regulations which mandate shared governance and the establishment of a Student Senate for California Community Colleges. From having waded thru these documents, we realize that this is very dense material. Few people here at the College have the time (or specific interest) to do the same, so we have italicized the important points. You can just skim those and you will have the gist of the material.

We plan further research on AB1725 in order to provide all of us more information, since we've realized that even our staff doesn't know much about it.

You can't exercise your rights until you know them.

­ ed.

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