Fall Semester Honor Students

By Lael Morrison

Some 244 students have been named to the Honors Student List for the fall semester at Mendocino College, Dean of Student Services Rick Stewart has announced.

Students receiving the Highest honors have earned a 4.0 grade point average. The President's List includes students with at least a 3.75 grade point average; the Dean's List names students with at least a 3.5 grade point average; and the Honors designation is awarded to students with a grade point average of at least 3.16.

To earn the semester honors designation, students must complete a total of twelve units in one semester with no grade below a C.

Mendocino College provides people throughout Lake and Mendocino counties with the opportunity to earn an associate degree or certificate of achievement in a wide variety of vocational fields.

Those considering a baccalaureate degree can complete their first two years of study at Mendocino College and then transfer as juniors to any campus in the California State or University of California system, or to other public and private four-year institutions across the United States.

Highest honors:

Rosemary Larson of Calpella, Robert Trautwein of Cobb, Joel Baker of Forestville, Connie Windle of Hopland, Jennifer Bennett, Kristine Eutenier, and Susan Press of Kelseyville; Celeste Murphy, Paul Racine, Cynthia Schell, and Heidi Sun of Lakeport;

Keith Perez of Laytonville, Christina Bell of Leggett, Mary Barnes and Kristin Wescott of Lower Lake; Teresa Golden and G. Paul Miller of Nice;

Jade Paget-Seekins of Philo; Laura Gaddini and Zoey Juan of Potter Valley; Dominique Baumberger, Vickie Dwyer, Aeron Ives, Joshua Koppel, Matthew Melchiori , Richard Puckett, Dolly Riley and Shirley Schneider of Redwood Valley; Christine Arellano of Talmage;

Kristian Akin, Leslie Allen, Eric Bederson, Cheryl Cornett, Gabrial Johnston, Damien Keehn, Heidi Knittel, Joanna Mcdermott, Colleen Mcnutt, Margot Melanson, Dawn Murray, Wendy Parsons, Darlene Purdy, Marianne Tester, Charity Turner, Anthony Walsh, and Shelley Williams of Ukiah;

Lois Ammendolia, Marcia Bennett, Christi Blackwell, Melanie Brown, Dena Cash, Kerrin Edgar, Russ Hard, James Judnick, Barbara Leuty, Joanne Logan, Anna-Magda Simkins, Craig Warren, and Roger Wear of Willits. The President's list includes James Campbell of Cobb, Robert Mccrath of Garberville, Mary Bass, Larissa Campbell, Thomas Engstrom, George Strutz, and Wendy Wright of Lakeport;

Alice Thygesen of Lucerne; Eden Harrison and Zoe Paulin of Potter Valley; Mona Abbott, Jacob Brown, Russell Ford, and Laura Magnusson of Redwood Valley; Bonnie Lin, and Leora St. Peter of Talmage;

Lisa Abbott, Tamara Adams, Tiffany Arnold, Dalene Browning, Cheryl Casaburi, Tony Chiantelli, Jaime Cotten, Tamberlyn Davenport, Rachel Ebel, Dan Franklin, Geoffrey Hendrick, Tristen Hensley, Gabrielle Johnson, Marion Keehn, Martha Knight, Florence Lehman, Jamie Manahan, Kenneth Marshall, Erin Powis, David Regan, Lucina Sandoval, Clay Thistle, Rebecca Thune, Nichole Valinoti, and Jesse Vanvoorhis of Ukiah; Rodney Johnson of Upper Lake; Angela Bunney, Carol Gibson, Josephine Gutierrez, Rita Newton, and Nayo Sicard of Willits.

The Dean's List

Angel Whitson of Cobb, Carra Hawkins and Shannon Stanton of Covelo; Chad Boardman of Hopland, Chris Lynch and Cynthia Rose of Kelseyville; Robert Baker, Sandi Canaday, Andrew Fletcher, Diana Johnson, Cindy Minyard, Diane Peterson, and Penni White of Lakeport; Sean Barnett, and Kimberly Lambert of Lower Lake; Olivia Johnson of Nice;

Mary Grijalva, Carla Gutierrez, Arthur Munoz, Kyrie Neil, Sherry Patton, and Matilde Rodriguez of Redwood Valley; Steven Alvarez, James Atha, Michelle Boyman, Anthony Browning, Eric Burford, F.Alida Burnstad, Tod Ehmann, Rebecca Franklin, Lucrecea Giffin, Anthony Guzzi, Katherine Henderson, Robert Henderson, Venus Hoaglen, Desirea Isgrigg, Laurie Little, Kimberly Maddux, Sanjay Mohan, Christi Neu, Heather Penny, Miguel Rubalcaba, Derek Tippit, and Christina Turnwall of Ukiah; Tim Angiolini, Joanne Breton, and Debby Kubas of Upper Lake; Kenneth Baker, Tammy Hanson, Janeen Peak, Reah Roberts, Michelle Rogers, Aimee Swearengin, Tina Tyler, Sherrill Worthington of Willits

The Honors List

Oscar Miller of Albion, Melanie Brumwell of Boonville, Sara Ramos of Calpella, Christina Whitson of Cobb, Andrew Furlong of Geyserville, Jay Carlos of Los Angeles;

Barbara Aldrich, Vanessa Batres, Kristen Erickson, Melissa Mabery, and Delleene Shores of Kelseyville; Brian Figg, Jim Hill, Garrett Jones, Dan Kane, Katherine Mosegaard, and Schad Schweitzer of Lakeport; Marilyn Johnson and Brian Van Horn of Lucerne, Kevin Morrill of Nice, Blanca Gomez of Potter Valley;

Bradley Beck, Adelaida Casillas, Rayna Freedman, Patrick Keplinger, Sean Newton, Estelle Palley, and Roni Smith of Redwood Valley, Rob Szenyeri of Kentucky, Roland Smith of Talmage;

Martha Alonzo, Jeanpierre Ambrois, Araceli Arroyo, Kristin Barron, John Blair, Shane Brannan, Jesse Bussard, Jason Butler, Isidoro Cervantes, Kevin Croghan, Andre Crosby, Cecilia Delgado, Corrine Formslag, Jessica Gonzales, Manuel Guerra, Jessica Hagy, Susan Hewitt, Ruben Hoaglin, Shellee Hoomalu, Brian Hooper, Karen Hubbard, Brian Jacobson, Juan Jauregui, Alan Keller, Elizabeth Lamb, Amy Ligon, Rose Lopez, Jessica Lowden, Liesl Mason, Yvette Mccool, Jason Mcknight, Angela Mitchell, Roger Morales-Bello, Tiffany Olecik, Sarah Orr, Nick Rackham, Malia Regan, Ben Riley, Jennifer Sandoz, Wendy Strom, and Billy Williamson of Ukiah;

Kris Ruben, and Natasha Saunders of Upper Lake; Robin Daffern, Diza Hope, Angela Jones, Danielle Lebert, KaraMikesell, Josiah Pisciotta, Anthony Stehlin, Connie Von Hoffman, and Deborah Woodworth of Willits.


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