By Lisa M. Brennan

Sowing the Seeds

The seeds of our

once familiar lives

are scattered in the wind

like sprinkled dust.

Leaving us only

fragments of scattered ashes

In which we must rebuild.

With no warning

we are forced to

replant these seeds

in a new garden

facing a different direction.

We must be wise

In the path we choose

For what we are shaping

Is our future.

We must remember

The next set is ours

And ours alone.


You Are So Dear

Your words are on fire

Oh yes

And there's fire in your eyes

Even though the dark of the night surrounds us

A brightness

Yes a brightness of love

Is felt around us

Your hands so tender

Embrace me so sweetly

And your open arms of shelter

Hold me near

Oh my friend

To me you are so dear


You are so dear.


The City

Bright lights

Screeching cars

Honking horns

Tremendous traffic

The City

Jammed packed

Traffic jams



The City


Often annoying

And exciting

Never quiet

The City.


Copyright Mendocino College Eagle 1997
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