Lady Eagles Off To A Good Start!

By Vernon R. James, Jr., Eagle Staff

All though the girls volleyball team gave it their all in the October 2nd game against Sacramento City College, they still lost. It was a frustrating time for the team. Their faces showed their disappointments and frustration in their errors and the matches. Only one injury happened that game, for the opponents team in the first match of the game. She was out for the rest of the game, with a knee injury. With commitments to each other and to a sport they obviously love, the Lady Eagles still held their heads high and will practice harder for the upcoming games.

October 11th's game was a close tie in the first and third match against Laney. The ball changed sides several times before Laney took the second and third matches. The Lady Eagles showed lots of team spirit in the high points of their matches, but kept their spirits going even in the low points. Lots of effort went into every point in their games. During the game, the Lady Eagles put their heart into winning. And win they did. They took 3 out of 5 matches that evening. It was a long battle but a worthy one with lots of team effort. There was slams over the net by almost every player. Jessica Frazier #14, Lisa Abbott #5, Mary Donaldson #15, Sarah Browne #7, Jeanna Berezay #11, and Jessica Hagy #12 made many of the slams. Not all were scores but most were good attempts. On the serves, Sarah Browne served well for a good block of points in the first match. In the fifth match of the game they showed a little fatigue but weren't willing to end this game without a win. So that is just what they did. Way to go Lady Eagles for bringing home a win. We are all proud of you.

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