By Vernon R. James, Jr.

Eagles took their first win for homecoming on October 19 against Sierra 47-10. No one expected the Eagles to win with such a high score. Sierra thought this was an easy team due to there past track record of 0-4. They were wrong.

#52 Schad Schweitzer scored the first touch down early in the first quarter and kicker David Short (#10) made it 7 with the extra point. Good things happen for the Eagles when they try hard enough. For example, with hard effort came hard hits for the Eagles throughout the game. #12 Ruel Talton sacked Sierras quarterback #4 John Anderson hard enough to knock him off of his feet in the same quarter with a several yard run to ma first down. The quarterback slowly moved the team down the field after an interception made by #15 Joe Easton. Rushed touchdown by #10 David Short due to no men open to receive the football in the in zone. He narrowly escapes a sack as players and die hard Eagle fans wipe their foreheads after the play and cheered for the Eagles with 3 minutes left in the game. The extra point was good. With long throws and hand-off's player completed a short pass but forced out of bounds by Sierra. Dennis Short made a touchdown by pass with penalty flags on the play which were declined. The field goal for the extra point was missed. Dennis Short received a 60 yard pass only to be forced out of bounds by Sierra. The yardage was good for first down. The Eagles could not make a touchdown but attempted a field goal which was missed. #12 Ruehl Talton made a very hard tackle to help from Sierra from moving down the field to far to make a touchdown. Joe Easton forced a player from Sierra out of bounds and practically knocking the wind out of him in the process. The officials were unsure of the down and took a time out to measure the yardage to call the down. On the very next play the Eagles intercepted a pass that Sierra made and made a 14 yard gain. Then there was a hand off with yard gain just short of a first down. The Eagles were forced out of bounds a couple of plays later with a penalty flag on Sierra for unnecessary roughness.

Here comes another one!!!! A touchdown pass to Dennis Short with an accurate kick to make the extra point. Player Dennis Short ran hard enough that he almost fell off his feet to try to catch a pass in his direction for a touchdown. The only problem was that it was an incomplete pass with Sierra hot on his trial at this point. Quarterback David Short threw a long pass for another incomplete pass. In the course of the game the Eagles made yet another sack with a fumble towards the end of the third quarter but could not reach for the touchdown. There field goal attempt was missed as well. In the forth quarter a pass was complete but was called out of bounds at the one yard line. The Eagles piled on top of Sierra to hold them back from making a touchdown. The field goal fake out turned out to be a 2 point conversion missed by a mile. So the Eagles were able to receive the ball on their own 3 yard line only to be tackled in their in zone. That finally put Sierra on the scoring board throughout out the entire game. There was a another fumble from Sierra and the Eagles were there to pick it up again and took off down the field by hand-off's and passes to make a touchdown with a good field goal attempt. The total final score of the homecoming game was 44-19 Eagles.

The Screaming Eagles walked off the field with their heads held up like they were floating on cloud 9 after the win. After a losing streak that they been having it feels good to get a victory that was well earned after the work training. More on a stats position: There were two good players that helped make the game a complete success. First the quarterback David Short threw for 412 yards this game alone and responsible for the rushing touchdown early in the game. His brother Dennis Short, a wide receiver for the Eagles broke the school record this game as well as being responsible for several touchdowns. We had a high turn out of people (some who traveled many miles) to watch and support the Eagles.

The cheerleaders not only put on an a very