Fly Like An Eagle-Even Eagles Need Some Support

By Vernon James

The Mendocino College Eagles played College of the Redwoods Corsairs on Saturday October 12, in Eureka. Although the end score wasn't everything the team wanted they continued to plow away at the competition.

The Corsairs threw a good pass that resulted in a touch down early on but Eagle defense held them till early in the 2nd quarter when another Corsair touchdown took the score to 13-0. Eagles Quarterback David Short threw a touchdown to newcomer Tanner Fitzgerald to bring the score to 13-6. The Corsairs managed to sneak in another touchdown, however the Eagles came back and by half time had brought the score to 20-12.

The second half was particularly bad on the Eagles. They scored 13 more points, with David Short completing many passes to his brother, Dennis, a wide receiver. However it just wasn't enough. Coach Fuller even felt that it was a bad game. He said "It could have been better but we had a few receivers that kept dropping the ball.

Now all of us have asked ourselves, "Why are the Eagles doing so bad?" They have lost the last four out of five games. As mentioned above their last score was 47-25. Most students just shrug this off and decide that maybe the team is having a bad year or maybe they having a coaching problem. After careful research and analysis, it is the opinion of this reporter that neither of these views have merit. Mendocino College has one of the finest coaching staffs in the area and there is a lot of talent on the team. The problem seems to be lack of support.

On Saturday October 5, the Eagles started ahead, until the last quarter. Their offense and defense did a great job. Then it all turned around for them. Suddenly they were losing their shirts. The score that game was 37-27. Los Medanos not only came from behind but overtook the Eagles to win. Why was that?

Support is the answer. The Eagles do not have enough support out there. Think about how you would feel if you were to look out at the stands from the center of the field. You see very few people and very little support. How would you feel? Pretty lousy? Not very important? Any one would. If you feel lousy, guaranteed you won't play well. Which is why the football team may be losing their shirts (and the games).

So if you are disgusted with the way the football team keeps losing then do something about it. Come out to the games. The cheerleaders do their best to post the dates ahead of time and they are posted on the Athletics board in the Eagle's Nest. Show the team some support and maybe, they will show you what winners they can be.

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