Tutor Of The Month ·Christa McDermott·

by Susan Orozco

The Tutor of the Month is Christa McDermott, a fulltime Mendocino College student majoring in accounting. Christa is tutoring Business 100 and Business 200 this semester, in the Learning Center. She is an accomplished tutor having received her Advanced Tutoring Certificate, which requires fifty hours of tutoring experience and related course work.

Christa McDermott assists MC student

Christa has attended Mendocino College since Fall 1994 and plans to graduate after this semester with a degree in accounting. When speaking about her experiences at Mendocino College and tutoring she said "Mendocino College is a great school to get back into the educational world and to get your feet wet. It offers a good background for getting a job or for transferring." She also stated, "I find that tutoring is very helpful in keeping me fresh in the classes I have finished, and in putting my newly acquired skills to use so that I do not forget what I have learned." After graduation Christa is not sure if she will transfer to a four-year college or go to work locally in the accounting field.

Christa has lived in Mendocino County for twelve years, after coming here from Orange County when she was in the seventh grade. She remarks that it was a very large adjustment coming to a small town but now she is glad of the move. Besides tutoring at Mendocino College and being a full-time student, Christa is a single mother of two little girls: Courtney who is five and Cara who is three. When asked what she does for fun, Christa said that she enjoys reading and relaxing at home.

If you would like more information about being tutored or tutoring someone else, stop by The Learning Center, or call (707) 468-3046.

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