Theatre Review - Quilters

Sure To Be a Hit to be a hit!

By Amber Snow

Hey everybody, this is your sensationally sassy, outrageously outspoken, and highly humorous theatre review girl saying what's up! Since I couldn't catch any performances before the release of this edition, I was resigned to pre-viewing instead of re-viewing.

This year they're reviving one of the most popular offerings on the occasion of the opening of Ukiah Players Theatre twentieth anniversary season.

Not one of our nearly one hundred shows has been so often requested for an encore as the heart-warming musical, Quilters, scheduled to open October 3rd for an unprecedented five-week run.

Quilters is a rich, powerful, and life-affirming piece of theatre, inspired by a book, originally staged in Denver over a dozen years ago. Written by Barbara Damashek and Molly Newman, it is comprised of sixteen episodes depicting the vital role of women as contributors and partners in the pioneering of America. Through the journeys, passages and voices of women, Quilters speaks eloquently of the human spirit in joy and in sorrow.

Three of the seven cast members played in the UPT original staging in 1988. They are Mary Buckley, Joyce Paterson, and Christine Webb. The 1988 vocal director, Marilyn Simpson, will reprise that role and will appear on stage as well. Newcomers to the 1996 version are Janice Timm, Hillary Bauman, and Amber Era-McGarvey.

Leslie Saxon-West has returned as choreographer, assisted by Susan Era. Carrie Hamburg (aka Marietta Klenofsky) repeats as piano accompanist in a small orchestra directed by Jeff Simpson.

David Hayes is stage director, basing his work on the very successful 1988 direction of Paulette Arnold. Quilters is a beautiful experience, visual and auditory—guaranteed to lighten the heart and stir the soul.

Try and catch the performance, hopefully next month I'll be able to review a show and give you a personal critiquing. This time I had to take excerpts written by David Hayes. See you next month, Cheerio Sweeties!

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