Fashion Masters

By Rose Rickels


Welcome back to the beautiful Autumn. A captivating time for both weather
and fashion. With the changing into the new season we greet the rich neutrals,
especially camel and oxblood also the many greys, golds and pewters that
will soon be springing up all around us. The world of haute couture is finally
bringing us ready to wear light wools, intricate laces, the long slender
coat jacket, and a heavy sprinkling of fur collars. Finally escaping the
snobbish runway only styles. Long slender silhouettes, cardigans, suits
and cozy turtlenecks will all be flooding the stores soon. It's nice to
know fashion is rounding back out to a more comfortable look. It will be
easier for all us hard working students to be practical and still fashionable
during our long school days. (Hint, hint...)

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Summer Withers - October Fashion Master

Speaking of all us hard working students, I am well aware fashion is not
high on our list of priorities when we dash off to school. Even I often
escape in a mere t-shirt and jeans, which actually can be very fashionable.
(Note October Fashion Master, Summer Withers) So i have set aside Tuesdays
and occasionally Thursdays during student hour, 12:00 to 1:30, to find my
fashion master. So why save all your wonderful styles for blowout weekends
and hot dates (how often do those happen anyway?). Show us what you've got!!
Until next time, embellish yourselves!

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