Theatre Review

By Amber Snow

Welcome to the first Eagle newsletter of the Fall Semester. I am proud to introduce our trail blazing editor, Zack Darling, who demonstrates his competence with improvements, such as employing yours truly.

Regularly in this slot will be a monthly theatre review critiquing local theatre. But as there are no performances that I could catch before the publication of our first edition, I am forced to simply address the upcoming theatrical ventures of Mendocino College.

Auditions for the first play of the season were just held August 22 and 23. The show will run from October 18-27.

"Hot l Baltimore," a rather dark comedy, takes place in the lobby of the very run down Hotel Baltimore. What was once a very prestigious hotel is now a boarding house for a rather colorful cast of characters made up of drifters, low-lifes, and prostitutes. The playwright, Lanford Wilson, has an excellent sense of timing and incorporates it with brilliantly dry humor. The director, Larry Lang, promises to translate the play into action with style and ease. Please do not miss this hilarious adult comedy as it graces the stage of our beautiful new theatre.

Until next month, this is your highly-humorous, sensationally sassy, and outrageously out spoken theatre critic, Amber Snow, signing off, saying "Cheerio, America and support your local arts!"

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