Music Review

By Zack Darling

Cake's first release, Motorcade of Generosity earned the band the title of 1994's Best Independent Debut album in Pulse magazine and a strong legion of supporters. Now after too long of a wait, they've finally recorded a new album: Fashion Nugget.

I remember the first time I ever heard the Violent Femmes. The poor quality recording and low budget sound was totally overshadowed by the band's intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies, and high energy sound. Cake has had the same effect on me. When I first heard Motorcade of Generosity, I found a garage band sound brought to a new level of sweaty funk and rock-ola. It made me put the CD player on repeat. I personally like a band with a good horn section and was delighted to find interwoven within this high powered group, a sweet trumpet perfectly mixed within the songs. With an excellent remake of Lou Reed's tune, (How do you afford your) Rock and Roll lifestyle? I quickly became a fan.

Fashion Nugget continues Cake's rock-funk sound and brings it higher. Its songs manage to be intelligent, unique, and catchy without succumbing to any form of laziness in the music. In a world where every band is trying to jump aboard the alternative bandwagon, Cake's original blend of R&B groove, "old fashioned song sensibility, acoustic punctuation, and tasty twang guitar" set them apart from the pack. Halfway through the album you'll be surprised with a great cover of Gloria Gaynor's 70's disco tune, I Will Survive, that leaves you hooked. Continuing their tradition of thought-provoking lyrics, sneaky guitar and trumpet solos, the album delivers them impressively and promises to make you a fan. Needless to say, I give it a thumbs up.

Until next month, this is your faithful music critic saying; Don't Be a Dead Boogie, Baby!

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