MTA In the Evening?

By Eagle Staff

Okay, most folks who ride the bus know the scenerio: You ride the bus to school, you go to your classes, and stay at the library to do some studying. Your almost done with you're research for your term paper, but you have to leave early because the last bus leaves at 5 o'clock. And if you happen to miss the last bus of the day you've got to call a friend to pick you up, or bum a ride in the parking lot. If you have night classes and you don't own a car, you have to arrange a ride home with a classmate. Is this familiar to anyone?

Well hopefully this won't be the case for long. Students of Mendo. are petitioning the MTA for evening bus service. If you are an MTA bus rider and are interested in service past 5PM, keep your eyes peeled for the petitions that are posted all over campus. All signatures have to be in by September 30th and will be presented at the MTA board meeting in October. So sign up and stay on campus as long as you need to, not as long as you can.

Special thanks to Darlene Purdy for making the petitions and making this happen.

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