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What you can expect from the Eagle thais year

By King Collins

As Zack Darling, our "daring and resourceful" editor, takes over from Russ Emal, we are reminded of what a great opportunity our college newspaper, the free press, offers to Zack and to the college.

The editors change, but some things remain the same. The EAGLE is not just a student newspaper. It is the by and for the entire college community. At Mendocino College, the EAGLE is currently the only place where the college community publicly thinks about itself. This thinking, or dialogue, will sometimes be profound and sometimes silly (We have a right to party!) Cbut underneath it all is the awareness that there is a lot at stake.

By now it is a banality that practically every statistic is pointing toward some kind of environmental, medical, social or economic catastrophe. Change is inevitable.

Defining our mission

Change is coming to our college just as surely as it is coming to the rest of our lives. In the midst of all this turmoil, the EAGLE can help the college find itself and its mission. So, dear reader (dear student, dear faculty, dear Dean, dear President): What do you see as the mission of our college? We will be consulting the official papers of the school, and we may very well be talking to you soon.

Connecting with the faculty

This year we will literally be knocking on faculty doors to find out what different instructors (and their departments) are doing and why. In the long run, we want to get an overview of the whole campus to find out where we are headed and how we are going to get there.

Thanks to those who went before

Those of us who have been around for awhile are also reminded of all the hard working people who went before us at the EAGLE. We all owe a very special thank you to Barbara Summerfield, who almost single handedly put out the newspaper from 1994 to 1996. Before Barbara, there were many others who we are grateful to. We also dare to hark back to the great pamphleteers and rabble rousers: Thomas Paine, Upton Sinclair, I.F. Stone, William Buckley, Noam Chomsky. We aspire to nothing less.

Connecting with the Community

We know that our local community is a huge resource and inspiration to the college. One way we intend to connect with the community this year is to go out and interview the owners of some of our prominent or innovative businesses. We have much to learn from those who work and meet the demands of the commercial world. If, for example, you want to make a living with a computer, then check out the businesses that are already doing it.

Over the last few months, the EAGLE has begun to define some areas of inquiry that will be mainstays of our journalistic effort. They include:

Technology and its use.

We are always on the lookout for better ways to use the tools that we have, including alternative energy and especially' telecommunications and multimedia. The EAGLE will continue to track the efforts to bring multimedia to the college, and in some ways, as with our web site, we will be out there in front.


Although the college has yet to develop a journalism department, the EAGLE advisors and the Journalism Club are going ahead and creating an active learning environment for those interested in journalism. We are really looking forward to having a real team to work with this semester.


Look for more articles from our agriculture department and its new full-time faculty member, Jim Xenogenes. As we said last semester, our region is truly blessed: "We have the best soil. We have the best water. We have an incredibly long growing season" and an "opportunity to be, not merely good, but the best place in the world to show what sustainable living really means.". And we are very lucky to have young people, some of whom are enrolled here as students who are really out there making things happen in community gardening and sustainable agriculture.

Daily Life

Our everyday life has to do with how, where and with whom we live. It is the enormous subjective area where all our big and little interactions take place, and all the pleasures, scrapes and scars that we pick up along the way. Last semester we began a discussion about new (and old) ideas about cooperative housing and intentional community. As far as society's problems and our daily lives, it is in our homes that the rubber hits the road.

In this area of cooperative living and intentional community, it is largely our young people who are leading the way. More power to you! You are living our dreams. Look for more about daily life and cooperative living in our pages this semester.

Lighten up or else

With Zack at the helm, we'd all better get ready to have our mind's and our tolerance stretched a lot. Zack is a fun-loving, yet serious guy who will certainly push some of our buttons, but then what are those buttons for, anyway?

The Eagle staff

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