Fashion Masters

By Rose Rickels

Bonjour, and welcome to the Eagle's new Fashion Masters Column, a monthly critique of your fashion passˇ (no-no's), or savoir faire (you rock!).

Watch for our monthly Fashion Master, our most exceptional, notable, lurid dresser on campus, who will also be the winner of two tickets to our local Ukiah Players Theatre.

In addition, we will have our fashion faux pas, pinpointing those items you wear that gaffe our vision.

Now you ask, what gives me the right to judge you on your fashion ability? To sum up my experience, I've studied the changing of fashion trends throughout history, costumed multiple shows for the Ukiah Players Theatre and the Ukiah Civic Light Opera, also I have modeled in local fashion shows and helped with window displays in many hip clothing stores. So I figure if I can sell those shows, styles, and clothes, then I can probably shape you all up a bit too.

Remember, fashion is a game, learn to play! Until next time, your fashion wench is signing out. Ta-ta!

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Last Update: 9/10/96