By Zack Darling

Greetings! Yes it's a new year at MC, and as the semesters change, so do the editors of the Eagle. I will be replacing Russ Emal and taking over the job of editing the paper during the Fall Semester, (possibly longer, but we'll see). I feel it is appropriate for my first editorial to give some sort of a resume telling you who I am, what I believe, who our staff is, and what we plan to do with the Eagle during the next few months.

My name is Zack Darling. I am twenty-one years of age and have lived in Ukiah for most of my life. I am an actor, musician, student, traveler, writer, and a bad comedian.

Now before I go any further, I want to talk about controversy. In my opinion, this paper has ony occasionally taken any sort of a controversial stand. It has generally remained low-key, and kept to simple uncontentious issues in the recent years. Last semester the Eagle took some of its first steps towards tackling some of the frequently over-looked problems in our community, I plan to take that further.

My lifestyle and upbringing is a unique and controversial one. I was raised in a large community of educated, environmentally conscious, spiritual, "hippies". Now I personally am not what one might stereotype as a "hippie", but some of their values have definitely worn off on me. These values are strong in most of what I write. However, my values are not necessarily the values of the Eagle Staff or others who may write for the paper.

During this semester I'll focus on issues such as hemp, sustainable forestry, Masonite emissions, bad politics, etcetera. You may not agree with some of the things I say in this paper, but I urge you not to disregard my beliefs. If you do disagree with what I write or publish, debate the issues! I hope to create a diverse dialogue consisting of many topics, giving a fair say to all points of view. I promise that as the editor of the Mendocino College Eagle, I will do justice to your point of view, no matter how different it is from mine. If we print an article that you totally disagree with, write a letter or an article and send it to us and we will print it. Dialogue is very important in a paper when dealing with touchy issues.

Now that we have that out of the way I'd like to get back to telling you about who I am, who this semester's Eagle team is, and what we hope to accomplish this year.

Throughout the past three years I have hitch-hiked and driven across the country and back three times. While travelling and exploring the United States, I met many amazing people and had countless adventures. If you've never taken the time to explore this land of ours, you should. You learn more about yourself and how America works than you ever could in a classroom. But one of the best things it can teach you is to appreciate home. After seeing most of this great country, I can honestly say that there is no place that I would rather live than Northern California. The level of open-mindedness and intelligent people in this area of the country is stronger here than almost all of the places I visited.

However, as a youth in the United States I am constantly sickened as I watch corporations and America's greed for money rob us of our children's inheritance. Throughout the semester I hope to focus on some local issues concerning the need for sustainability in industry. I hope to find out what's really going on and see what we, the local community, can do about it.

I love music as most folks do. The Eagle hasn't really printed much in the field of music lately so I will create a music review section. Each issue we'll pick at least one album and give you an idea of what its like. If you find an album that you really want to turn others on to, write a review and send it to us.

Hopefully by the end of the semester we can have book, movie, and music reviews. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of books or films, please join the Journalism Club and become our official book or movie critic. We need more people to join the Eagle and become part of our team. If you feel like you have something to contribute to the paper, please do! The Eagle is essentially the loudest public voice that represents the college. Lets all work to make it impressive.

The Crew

Amber Snow.

Amber is an English/Theater major with considerable hands on experience in both the writing and theatrical fields. She will have a monthly column in which she will give you her expert opinion on plays and performances in our area. I have great confidence that she will be a wonderful asset to this paper and to the local theatrical community.

Larry Guyette

After six years of being away from the Eagle, Larry is back on the team. He wrote for the Eagle from 1988 to '90 and was the editor for two semesters. He worked for Humboldt State University's paper, The Lumberjack, from 1990 to '92 as a writer and reporter. With his experience and talent, I am sure he will play a key role in bringing the Eagle in to a new stage of quality.

Cori Formslag

Cori is a recent graduate of Nevada Union in Grass Valley who has joined up with our team. She'll be writing and working on the Journalism staff for at least this semester. In her home town she was the editor of a little league newsletter for about six months. After Mendo., she's off to UC Berkeley.

Jodiah Nelson

I'm sure most of you know who Jodiah is, but if you don't I'll refresh you. He is our one and only ASMC President elected by you, and here to represent you as a student body. Jodiah is many things to many clubs, including: MESA counselor/tutor, the Eco-Club President, Vice-President of the Culinary Club, Vice-President of the Media Club, Peer Advisor, and MC student with an international ecology major. Last, and, in the Eagle's eye, most important, he is our one and only sports editor among several sports writers. So if you love sports and want to review a game or athletics event, come see us! We can always use more sports writers.

Rose Rickels

Rose is our official Eagle Fashion Critic. For the past year Rose has worked with The Ukiah Civic Light Opera and Ukiah Players Theatre as a costume designer. With her own flamboyant style and knowledge of fashions throughout history, I'm sure she'll add a nice spice to the paper. Who'd have thought that MC would have a fashion section in its newspaper? Well, times change and hopefully we can influence Mendo to dress a little more hip.

This Fashion Masters column is a good example of how you can get involved in the paper even if you have no idea what to write about. If you want to contribute, drop by my office and we'll have fun making something up having to do with your area of expertise. We also have a list of story ideas to choose from, and a story concept write-in sheet. So if you're walking across the campus and all of a sudden have a bright idea for a good story for the Eagle, but you've got writer's cramp, come in and jot down the idea! Who knows, maybe you'll see your story in print and you can say to your pals, "You see that cool story in the paper? That was my idea.".

King Collins

In the middle of the Spring Semester of last year, King joined up with the Eagle and added his excellent knowledge of layout and desktop publishing to the Eagle team. This semester he is one of our head advisors and layout director. With his skills and motivation for us to be the best community college newspaper in the state, I am sure that the Eagle will reach new heights.

Dale Glaser

Dale has been faculty advisor since 1992 and will be taking a break from the paper's production this semester. He will be very involved, however, in working with Russ Emal on our Eagle web page.

This brings me to the subject of the Eagle web page. Yep, that's right, with the use of multimedia tools, you can read the Eagle on the internet. You can visit us at: http://www.pacific.net/~dglaser/EAGLE/*eagle.html This is a temporary web address and will change as soon as the college finishes their Mendo. web page, so keep your eyes peeled for a new one. Now not only is our paper read by the thousands of students and local people in our community, but can be read by the whole world! Ah, modern technology.

If you check out other community college newspapers around the state, you'll find that the Eagle is one of the most professional looking around. If we can cooperate as a school and each put in some effort, I have no doubt that we can become the best community college newspaper in California. We have the creativity and the talent it takes to do it right here in our own community. So jump aboard this crazy bandwagon and raise a toast to a new chapter and an exciting year for the Mendocino College Eagle!

Your Daring and Resourceful

Zack Conn Darling


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