Ecology Club Ready To Take Action

By Estelle Palley

Hello, I'm Estelle Palley, the new Director of Ecology on campus. I'm very excited about all of the new people, and the potential of this year's Ecology Club.

Most of my plans for these next two semesters will probably be carried out through the Eco-Club. With our ASMC President, Jodiah Nelson, as the President of the Eco-Club, and the Ecology Director (me) as the club's Vice-President, I feel there is much potential for campus improvements.

We plan to carry on the campus recycling, except this year we want 100% of the profits.

Another top item on the agenda is to improve our watershed. By planting indigenous species, run-off into the ponds and off of our cross-country track will be decreased.

I am checking out the posibility of a demonstration of sustainable alternative energies. This might take the form of a sustainable house, or workshop.

Community projects.

Our college owns some very nice land that should be considered. One in Point Arena is equipped with old army buildings. Another, up Orr Springs Road is a large chunk of nature which I'd like to see go to some good use, and not something like a golf course!

I encourage anyone who wants to add something to our campus's future to join the Eco-Club. We will be meeting every Thursday from 12:30-1:30 in room 401.

Thanks, and don't forget to


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