Emal's Corner

by Russ Emal

As we all know, the oil companies are really giving it to us in the shorts. ARCO Products Company tells us that the reasons for the ever increasing gas prices can be attributed to several factors. The 1st factor was, " Hey, you made us manufacture cleaner gas!" 2nd, "It costs us more to buy the crude stuff!" (Actually the increase has been about 15 cents per gallon. We are paying better than 30 more cents a gallon and it isn't stopped rising yet!) 3rd, "It was so cold on the east coast last winter, you guys just got to pay". And 4th, "Since we contribute heavily to our nations lawmakers, we can get away with anything!"

While the prices continue to soar, local Congressman Frank Riggs went on the radio to tell us that he is proposing legislation to repeal the $ .40/gallon federal tax we now pay. The price has risen forty cents a gallon and he's going to save us 4 cents. Even if this does happen legislation will not take effect until January '97.

Have you been to the Art Gallery in the Fine Arts Building on campus? There are some extra fine dish towels on display! All kidding aside, some of the recently displayed textiles, manufactured by Mendo students, are very well made and quiet beautiful. The trip is worth it.

'Da Bulls!!! Put your money on them!!!!!!!! I have.......

Our 1st Springfest almost did not happen! About a week or two before the event was to take place word came down that everything was not quite up to snuff. One problem was the design of the GREAT poster (made by Eagle staffer Chester Collins). It supposedly depicted an onslaught of unruly and festive people storming the campus. God forbid we motivate anyone to show up for an event here at Mendo. I thought that was the idea. Also, the original poster didn't tell the reader what time the concert ended. The poster said from noon till infinity so the poster had to be trashed and noon till 8 P.M. was inserted on the far less attractive new poster. The bottom line, caused by the delay in starting the advertising, was that lots of people never heard about the concert. The second problem were the bands picked to perform at the concert. You see, many of the musicians have long hair. So it was assumed that they had to be drug users. People were even calling the event DrugFest '96. What garbage! I looked and could not find any drugs. It was felt by some that the entertainment would bring unwanted individuals to the event. These groups might even start innocent college students at Mendo using the evil weed. Something local "children" now know nothing about.

A lot of time and effort went into the planning of Springfest '96 by both hard working students and several college staffers and the day's "happening" showed it. The event was a partial success considering it is a first year event and if you do not count the low turnout it was a great day. I had a great time and I'll be looking forward to next years concert. I hope it happens. Maybe next year's organizers should look into hiring the Lawrence Welk Orchestra!

As promised, there were products for sale, food and numerous bands on campus all day. Both Rootstock and Clan Dyken played some great tunes. The Dyken family, were by some reckoning, the best show of the day for the money (free if you had a student body card).

The Dyken boys, Bear and Mark along with Bears wife Harmony, Rick Mathisen and Zazmo Deex have quite a history. Clan Dyken, to paraphrase the old song, are a little bit musicians and a little bit activists. Their activist past includes stopping nuclear waste trucks from entering the Nevada Test Site and the group was also partly instrumental in closing down the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Station located outside of Sacramento. They did this by doing their first all solar powered concert on the steps of the capital just before the vote to close down the facility was taken. All this aside, they were great to hear. You can listen to their music again in Benbow, California (just a few hours north of us) at the Summer Arts Fair on May 25th and 26th.

Baseball Coach Kevin Smallcomb (that's the correct spelling this time), was hoping for 25 wins this year. The game I watched on May second put him and his team well above that mark. It was the Marin Mariner's turn to feel the grip of the Eagle talons. After the Eagles fell behind, at the midpoint of that game, when Marin had a four run inning, our local boys showed their stuff by hitting big at their turn at the plate. The final score, gave Mendocino yet another win and brought the crowd to it's feet.

Mendo, after winning the league championship, went on to host State Championship, Round One elimination games on campus. On Friday night, May 10th they beat the Mersed Blue Devils 4-1. As it was a two out of three elimination contest Saturday's games were to decide the round winner. The Blue Devils won both games with scores of 2-1 and 8-2. Nevertheless, this year marked Mendocino as the dominant force in local league play. Thanks for a lot of great fun in the sun.

Now what we need is a "Big-Time" score board on the baseball field. How about some local support from the big business in the area. Maybe a donation from Masonite or LP. Lets see what kind of community spirit really exists with our local mega-money corporations.

This years Golden Eagle Award went to Betty Davis of the college finance office. She was given this honor due to her never ending commitment to the students on campus. Thanks Betty!

The ASMC will be awarding a number of scholarships this year. For many reasons giving these awards reek of MEGA-BOGUS! 1st, the awards are to be given to individuals nominated by fellow students. Were you informed of the nominating process? A couple of the scholarships were well advertised but, as a whole, I'll wager that most students knew nothing about the process. A notice describing the procedure was not well advertised. 2nd, the ballot boxes, on the Ukiah campus were hardly available to students in Lakeport or Willits. Any of you people travel to Ukiah to place your nomination in the box? 3rd, one of the award categories, Activist of the Year, should not have been awarded. I was present when the box was first opened. It contained about 20 nominations. There were only 3 people nominated and they were all on the student council. One person got one vote and the other two about ten each. The interesting factor is that each nominee's votes were written by the same person, the same pen and on the same piece of loose-leaf paper. It made an interesting puzzle when scotch taped back together again. That should have tossed out all of those ballots. Did that happen? No. The original 3rd nominated name, Barry Parmely, the lone, legal vote, was not on our student election ballot. His nomination was the one tossed out! AND.... 4th, this category was for the ASMC Activist Scholarship. I have not seen one activist on campus all year. The nominees are a very active people here on campus and probably all are good people. But Activist? I think not. Active and activist is hardly the same thing. Do any of these students put you in mind of a Ralph Nader, Martin Luther King or Maya Angelo type? Any of them try to advance social change on Campus? Which of them attempts to stand up for injustice? No names comes to my mind. The winner of the balloting was Jodiah Nelson. If you want to read a bit about real student activism, read this months article titled COMMUNITY COLLEGES BRING UNIQUE SKILLS TO CAMPUS ORGANIZING by Stacey Schulte.

ASMC you should have kept the money this year and rolled it over for next year!

Summers Here and I'm for that. Got my rubber sans, got my straw hat. Got my cold beer, Gee I'm glad that it's here!!!!!!" God, James Taylor, I love you! Have a great summer. Count on it. I will!!!!!

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