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by Eagle Staff

Another great year is almost over in the life of The Eagle! Working on the newspaper is satisfying, hectic, an organizational challenge, and personally rewarding. It's an incredible learning experience for anyone interested in the publishing field. In fact, it's the ONLY opportunity at Mendocino College to get any journalism experience. And I guarantee you'll get it by working on the Eagle. Or.. just contributing to the paper in a small way can be fun for someone who wants to see their writing or their artwork or their photos in print. The Eagle as a success story

The Eagle has to be one of the success stories of Mendocino College. With the support of only one administrator, Susan Bell, and a small budget which barely covers expenses, and no journalism program or newspaper writing class to provide skills, The Eagle has continued to come out year after year. How do we do it? The Eagle has had to pull itself up by its own bootstraps, selling ads to buy equipment, lobbying hard to get even the small office space we have, and creating a newspaper that draws students to want to come on staff and learn valuable journalism skills.

Our successes this year

We managed to have an issue out on the first day of school in August, 1995.

The newspaper went completely electronic this year. We've started using a digital camera for our photos (no film, no printing costs, instant "developing"!).

We joined forces with another newspaper in town, inserted the April issue in the Main Street News. This doubled our circulation, and got the paper to people who wouldn't otherwise have read it.

We gathered enough ad revenue to buy a digital camera, upgrade one of our computers, and possibly buy another computer for next year.

We developed an advertising program that both brings money in for the Eagle and can make money for students interested in selling ads.

We got the attention and a compliment from Bruce Anderson of the Anderson Valley Advertiser (Some might consider this a mixed blessing!).

This semester we developed a consistent and professional look to the newspaper.

The Eagle (in our humble opinion) became one of the most professional-looking newspapers produced by any community college in the state.

We need staff for next year

Build it and they will come! Each year the staff improves the newspaper. But, given the nature of a community college, students come and go, and so we are always looking for new students to get involved in the newspaper. You can work a little, you can work a lot. And you can get up to four units of credit a semester, depending on how involved you want to be.

Eagle Perks

Aside from having the satisfaction of contributing to the only real communication tool at Mendocino College, getting credit for learning journalism and desktop publishing skills, and seeing your work in print around the county, there are some additional perks possible when you work on the Eagle staff:

Full access to the Internet on the Eagle computers.

Access to, and skills in working with, a digital camera.

Access to, and skills in working with, a digital scanner.

Experience in designing World Wide Web pages, by working on the (currently unofficial) Eagle Web Page, which provides information about the Eagle, past articles, and links to journalism programs, schools, and information around the county. The Eagle wants to continue expanding its presence as an online publication on the web, as part of Mendocino College's future web site.

Potential to make money selling advertising.

Come Join us. Call Dale Glaser, the advisor, at 462-3312 for more information. You can call during the summer! Or come into Room 110 in the fall.

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