The May 1996 Eagle

Community Colleges Bring Unique Skills To Campus Organizing by
A general article bout the role of ecology activism on community college campuses, with a brief look at what the Ecology Club is doing at Mendocino College.

Emal's Corner by Russ Emal
The Eagle Editor's monthly comments about the people and activities on campus and in the community.

Expedition Inspiration by Claudia Crosetti
An update on the group which climbed Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina to raise public awareness about breast cancer.

Join Us On The Eagle Next Year by Eagle Staff
Join the Eagle staff in Fall 96. This article summarizes the kind of help needed and the perks of being on the staff.

Jury Nullification by Russ Emal (with a little assistance from the Internet)
While judges tell juries they must consider only the facts in a trial, juries actually have the legal right and power to judge the law itself and to vote on the verdict according to their conscience.

News From The Ag Dept. by Marilyn Friedman
About the new Director, the Plant Sale, Ag Dept. classes for the fall, and some gardening tips.

Open Letter to the Administration by Dale Glaser
This letter criticizes the Administration on several accounts for its general lack of support of the college newspaper

Police Accountability by Louis Korn
A look at the Human Rights Monitoring Project and the need for police accountability.

Willits Center by Tina Tyler
Plans have been drawn up for a new Willits Center, which would be part of the upcoming Mendocino County Library/County Museum/City of Willits Recreational Grove area.

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