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By Russ Emal

An Excellent way to Spend Your Money (assuming you have any) is with a company called the Mac and Windows Academy. They produce video training programs that give the viewer a close up look at over 70 applications programs. Programs that are very popular, and often used in today's business world. Step by step they open every function of the program, while you to do the same on your computer. The company claims that you learn in half the time of conventional training methods. If interested in their catalogue, contact them at 800-527-1914. I recommend the training even though I get no commission........YET! As Long As I am giving out free advertising, I might as well tell you about 'the place' to purchase Macintosh computer equipment. It is the local user group called The User Group Store. There you can get refurbished and warranted Macs at incredible prices. Contact them at 1-800-350-4842. If you place an order, tell then you heard about the store through the Mendocino MUD. That way the local group can get points toward future purchases.

For All College Students or Staff Interested in working on this newspaper there is a weekly meeting of the Journalism Club. It meets each Tuesday at 3:30 PM in the Eagle office next to the Eagles Nest. Discussions evolve around editorial content of the newspaper, focus of the next month's issue, current stories in progress, as well as the business of putting together the actual paper. If you have ideas about what the paper should focus on, want to do something with your ideas, or just want to bring me food, please attend.

Help save the Headwaters Forest, it is the last remaining old growth forest ecosystem still in private hands. Only 5% of the original old growth redwood in the world remains. No more should be cut! How many dashboards in expensive cars do we need?

I have received numerous questions and a few letters asking about the "Multimedia Musings" newsletter that was planned to start publication on campus. There has been much interest generated around the school about the possibility of teaching courses in this field (see article in this month's Eagle by King Collins), a newsletter, at one time, sounded like a good idea. Since I am one of the individuals who want to see training made available in the Ukiah area, I and a few others were going to start Musings. But now, as Editor of The Eagle, I plan to see that all there is to print on the subject will appear in The Eagle. Don't look for the Multimedia Musing in the near future.

OK, everyone take off all of your clothes and stand in front of a full length mirror (wait until you get home to do this). Do you like what you see? Does the person who is looking back at you remind you of a Greek statue? No? Well then you should be taking the PEG 280, Physical Fitness Class. I'm in it because I already took the mirror test. Why pay two or three hundred dollars a year to join a health club when our college gives the same service? You can turn yourself into that Greek God or Goddess (in form at least). All of this and you are provided with a hot shower and soap (for the two people that I just met who told me they live under a bridge, this feature of the class should be of special interest). Not enough? How about one to two transferable units. I hope to see you there. I'm the one sweating heavily with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Does this lead you to believe that I look like Michael Jordan? If you see me, I doubt you will remain confused.

I received a number of phone calls about last month's article regarding the Redwood FreeNet. All the callers wanted to know more the organization but told me that there was no phone number in the article for the group. The FreeNet is located in the Mendocino County Library and the library's phone number is 463-4493.

Have you taken any of Bob Laughton's classes? Well there is far more to him than only being a teacher. Bob is more than just a pretty face. He is also a radio personality! He and Pat Hunt, the administrator of the Redwood FreeNet, do a radio show on community radio KZYX. The two of them call themselves Point and Click. The show is Computer Connections and can be heard every other Wednesday at 7 P.M. The next airing of the show will be on March 27th. They invite call-ins, give out a lot of information and have a good time. So will you (this should give me an A in Pagemaker!)

ASB cards are useful in a lot of places. As well as discounts for many events on campus there are a good number of businesses around our community that give discounts to students in possession of one. A list of these companies is available in the college library.

Smokers beware! Next semester at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, ALL smoking with be banned. The Dean of Students, Manuel Osori, stated in an interview with the school's newspaper editor, Tawny Catlin, "that in order to provide you (students) a healthy environment to learn in, smoking is banned on the campus except the parking lot." All schools are doing their best to provide a healthy environment to learn in. Here at Mendo we suggest you all avoid swapping spit.

A new measure, Prop 203 will be on the March 26, 1996 ballot. It is asking voters to approve $3 billion in bonds for construction needs. $973 million will go to state community colleges and university facilities. This money will, for the most part, be spent to fix campuses around the state that are in dire need of repair. It should be noted that, because of the newness of Mendocino College, not one penny in the next two years will see its way to our campus. When will our pockets be so empty that the lint will become valuable? We pay plenty for taxes already. It's time we better spend the tax money that is wasted daily because of our current politicians. It's time we elect (hire) people who have respect for the value of our labor and our tax money. Sure, I'm voting yes on the bill only because I'm not quite down to lint yet.

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