Election 96 on the Net

By Dale Glaser

In the past, when you wanted to find out the results of an election, the choices were: 1. Phone a friend, 2. Wait for next day's newspaper, or 3. Turn on the TV and hope that the results you are interested in are reported soon. Whichever method you chose, it was hit or miss or a wait. Well, all that has changed!

You can now get up-to-the-minute results of local, state and national elections directly from the World Wide Web on the Internet. For example, the State of California has a county election results site. It shows you a map of California divided into counties. Click a county on the map and you'll be taken to a web page listing local elections results as they are reported in by precincts.

In addition to election results, there is all kind of current election-related information on issues and candidates going on right now before the election. I did a search on the word "election" and got a list of 100 sites from all over the world, including CNN and Wired Magazine's Netizen site in this country.

ElectionLine is a joint venture of Time, the Washington Post, and Newsweek, providing daily coverage of the 1996 election.

The Netizen is created by Wired magazine. They call the 1996 election the last campaign of the unwired generation. "The Netizen is not about standard "horse race" coverage, it's about politics in a revolutionary context - one that questions whether politics itself isn't obsolete in the digital age, when the majority of the voting population doesn't even bother to vote."

The graphic above shows pieces of four election related sites:

ElectionLine at http://www.electionline.com/

CNN All Politics at http://www.allpolitics.com/

California Election Results by County at http://ca94.election.digital.com/e/returns/cnty_map/page.html

The Netizsen at http://www.hotwired.com/netizen/

Nobody with access to an Internet connection can say they weren't able to get informed.

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