Cleaner Gas at the Pumps

Beginning March 1, the world's cleanest gasoline will be produced in California. By June, it will be the sole gasoline to flow through nozzles in California. Called California Phase 2 RFG—for reformulated gasoline—the new "cleaner-burning" fuel is required by California's Clean Air Act of 1988 and the California Air Resource Board (ARB). It is designed to reduce vehicle emmisions, thereby improving air quality and public health. California RFG exceeds the federal standard and is considered a milestone in the state's effort to reduce air pollution. It burns more completely than conventional gasoline and reduces emissions dramatically: carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides by 11 percent, sulfur dioxide by 80 percent, benzene (a carcinogin) by 50 percent. The ARB estimates that the new RFG is equivalent to taking 3.5 million automobiles off California's roads—or removing 3 million pounds of emissions from the state's skies every day, beginning the very first day the new fuel is pumped.

Excerpted from Motorland magazine, March/April 1996

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