Tutor of the Month ŃCheryl Cornett

By Susan Orozco

The Tutor of the Month

is Cheryl Cornett, a re-

entry student and Spanish major at Mendocino College, who has lived in Mendocino County since she was five years old. Cheryl is tutoring Spanish 100 through Spanish 201 this semester. She is an accomplished tutor and has her Advanced Tutoring Certificate.

Cheryl attended Mendocino College from 1975 through 1977. After graduating with an A.S. in Liberal Arts, Cheryl went to San Jose State for a year, where she majored in psychology. In 1990, Cheryl decided to return to Mendocino College to obtain a degree in Spanish. "I wanted to return to school to finish my degree and I enjoyed my experience so much the first time I decided to come back to Mendocino College." After she graduates from Mendocino College, Cheryl plans to continue studying at a university until she obtains a bachelors degree, and possibly a masters degree, in foreign language. She then plans to either teach Spanish to adults or to work as a translator. As Cheryl said, "I want to help people understand each other and I enjoy teaching."

Besides tutoring at Mendocino College and being a full-time student, Cheryl teaches Spanish at a private school. As if this were not enough, Cheryl works full-time as a waitress at Denny's restaurant here in Ukiah.

In January, Cheryl went to Costa Rica, on a trip sponsored by Mendocino College Community Extension, to experience the culture and to practice her Spanish. She said, "This was my first trip abroad and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As the Costa Ricans say it was "pura vida" (The Costa Ricans use "pura vida" to express their zest for life).

When asked what she does for fun, Cheryl said that she is an avid sports fan. In fact, she played on the Mendocino College Women's Basketball team from 1975 through 1977, and was on the All-Conference team in 1977. Cheryl also enjoys reading, when she has time, and relaxing at home with her two cats, Whiskers and Spike.

If you would like more information about being tutored or tutoring someone else, stop

by The Learning Center,

or call (707) 468-3046.

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