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Interview with Linda Myers

By Tammie Gilliam

Linda Meyers, Director

of the Learning Center/

faculty member, has been with the Center since it began many years ago at the fairgrounds. She was also a part time English instructor and started as a volunteer tutor for the college. She holds a BA in English from San Francisco State University, and a Master's degree from Sonoma State University, with a specialty in reading. She has two sons, one of which attended Mendocino College and was a math tutor in the college's Learning Center for two years.

The Learning Center offers many services to support students with their studies and help those who need a little extra assistance with their education. It gives the students a chance to form study groups and serves them in accessing the appropriate help.

As well as finding computers within the computer lab, students will also find a number of computers they can use to type all those crucial essays, and research papers needed for their classes. Linda would really like to see the Learning Center's computer system hooked up to the Internet for student use. She hopes to see that sometime in the future. Also, students will find typewriters for those documents in which computers really can't be of use.

Susan Orozco, the Learning Center Assistant is in charge of other services, including giving new and graduating students assessment tests, of make up exams left by the instructors, and loaning out reference materials. She is very computer oriented and can assist those who need the help with them. The center does require an appointment for assessment tests and exams.

You will also find a number of video classes listed in the class schedule. These videos can be viewed within the Center or rented for home use. One of the most interesting video classes provided is the flight simulator. This particular video actually places you in the cockpit of a plane and allows you to act as a pilot in realistic flight. This is provided for students in the aeronautics classes.

Donna Parks works in the Learning Center in the evenings, and Christine Arellano, Russ Hard, Angelina Trippo, and Pete Vandervort are the students who also assists in the center.

Linda feels, however, that the most important service offered is the tutoring program. Tutoring is free to students and does require an appointment. However, there are-drop in tutors for math and writing. Any student who wishes to become a tutor is welcome. The requirements needed to do this are having completed a course with an A or B, and have an instructors signature. There is also a class offered to orientate you and prepare you to be a good tutor. Not only can you receive college credits, but you can also earn a little extra money.

There is also a form of recognition for tutors. It's called Tutor of the Month. "The purpose is to highlight a special tutor and tell students about them and the efforts they put forth," Linda commented.

You will find everyone who works in the center to be very enthusiastic and energetic about assisting students with their studies and encouraging ways to be helpful. Linda personally feels the significance of education, "Because of the difference it has made in my life as well as the lives of my children."

The Learning Centers hours are 8:00 am until 9:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and 7:30 am until 3:30 pm on Friday. It's located in Room 770 across from the Library in the Lowery Library Building. The phone number to call for general information and appointments is 468-3046. Normally the busiest time for the center is mid-morning to early afternoon, and the slowest is late afternoon.

Joanna McDermott, an English major, spends much of her time between classes in the center. She receives assistance with study groups, proof reading her papers, and works on the computers. She stated, "Linda and Susan are very helpful. It's a real friendly place. "

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