Who Are the "Publication Police"

By Dan Drew
November, 1996

I got up this morning to a beautiful day. On the way to school I voted. When I arrived at school I went to my mailbox and picked up, among other things, an edition of the Eagle. There were extra copies laying on the counter for anyone to take.

These simple things made me feel good. Better than I have felt for weeks here at the college. Why ? Because, amidst the controversy of the fall, a sinister trend began to develop which has gone largely unnoticed. It began when Gerald deBane's fliers, advertising his classes, were removed. The same thing happened to Candie Dickinson and the cheerleaders. Then, when our infamous underground newspapers began to appear, they were removed from instructors mailboxes and offices. This happened again when the Eagle Extra was from instructors mailboxes and thrown in the trash.

Am I missing something here? Are we in a time warp? Is this really Germany of the late 30's or the McCarthy Era of the 50's? Why were these publications removed? Is someone really that afraid of freedom of expression? Is there a "Publication Police" at MC which is going to protect us from these anarchists.

It is these questions which trouble me much more than whether or not process has been followed. But today everything seems much better. I was able to cast my vote for president and read my Eagle without feeling unpatriotic. I HOPE THIS FEELING CONTINUES! WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN !!!!

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