Conscious Design and the Future of
The Ukiah Valley and Mendocino County

Dear neighbors, citizens, journalists, elected representatives, administrators, public servants, and educators:

In the hope of stimulating a fruitful discussion about the future of Ukiah and Mendocino County, my wife, Joan Kelley, and I are making available a videotape about planning and design.

Copies of the video have been personally delivered to the following representatives of the public:

The video is a slide presentation by William McDonough, a distinguished architect-designer, recorded at the "Bioneers 2000" conference (October, 2000 n San Francisco).

Below is a nearly complete transcript of the video and a recent article about McDonough and his partner, Michael Braungart:

Transcript of the William McDonough video (October, 2000)

The Hopeful Inventors, an interview of McDonough and partner Braungart in the May-June, 2001 issue of Green@work,

How can a building be like a tree?, the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies building designed by William Mcdonugh, in Oberlin, Ohio

The Fractal Triad, A tool of Design, comparing the 3 worlds of Economic, Ecological, and Equity

Local meetings about economic development: A local (Ukiah area) group is meeting regularly to discuss and act on the Bioneers model. For more information about the group, email Joan.

Wendell Berry, An Interview

King Collins
Green Mac
February 7, 2001

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