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Photo 9

This photo was taken just after I was released from Santa Rita jail where I had a 60 day sentence for shadow painting at Livermore Labs.  Shadow painting is another symbolic form of protest. It reminds us of that terrible time in 1945 when nuclear weapons were used in war. In Hiroshima, people who at ground zero were vaporized. Only a dark shadow on the sidewalk remained.  So Max Ventura and I painted shadows on the sidewalks inside the lab to remind the workers in the Lab about the consequences of their work.  

Santa Rita jail is an extremely dirty and  violent jail.   There were times when 30 women were sharing 2 toilets, and we could not get any cleaning equipment or disenfectant day after day.   I experienced unnecessary violence against me, and I have seen the guards use gratuitous violence and force against other women.

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