Virginia Collins Family Story

Gene Hiehle and mystery car


Gene Hiehle next to unidentified car that looks very familiar.
This photo was probably taken at 3035 E. College Ave. in Westerville, Ohio
Please excuse the torn photo.

Gene's comments: The red house was owned by a neighbor across the street and down
two houses toward town. The man was a warrant officier in the army and his
kid was a friend of mine. The Rood place can be seen way off to the left.
The car is truly a mystery. I seem to be familiar with it but it clearly
has too many baubles to be a Collins' vehicle.
It has the look of a Chevy but could also be an Olds 88.
I don't remember Chevies having that deep, oblong, chrome front bumper.

Gene speculates that the car might have belonged to Bill and Virginia Ramsey,
a possbibility supported somewhat by another color photo from about the same time:

in Amesbury, Mass
in Columbus, Ohio

in Ukiah
Ramseys (Southern Ohio)

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