Elberfeld's, Deever's and Ruhl's
Westerville, 1999

This photo and description are from Sara Elberfeld. It was taken Thanksgiving, 1999, in the living room at 63 W. College Ave.
Standing: Bob Ruhl (Jo's husband), Ed Elberfeld (Jake's younger brother), Barb Elberfeld (Ed's wife), David Deever (Sara's husband), Amy Deever (Sara's daughter), Lisa Swain (John's partner), John Deever (Sara's son), Bob Ruhl (Jo's son, married to Susan)
Seated: Jacob Stacey Elberfeld (Jake's son), Sara Elberfeld Deever, Carey Elberfeld (Jake's daughter), Jo Elberfeld Ruhl, Susan Swartz Ruhl (Jo's daughter-in-law, married to Bob) holding baby, Katy Ruhl. Missing from this photo are Jo's other son, wife and two kids.

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