More about Isabel (and Wilma)

Isabel, fall, 1969, beside the Chevy van we traveled in.

Isabel and Wilma Lewis on the way to put up posters at MIT, August, 1970, Cambridge, By the way, Wilma now calls herself Mya Shone.


Notes by King Collins.

Isabel Loperena Supak had bandy legs, a beautiful face and a great smile! She was in her mid-twenties when these pictures were taken, but she looked like a teenager.

And she had guts. Though now she says she regrets it, she was willing to abandon a career and gamble on whatever there was to be won or lost in trying to change everything.

It seemed to me that she was totally sure of herself---of her inner self. I don't know what gives someone that confidence. Is it genetics? Is it family background?

Isabel's parents had a very romantic history. Her father and mother were Spanish. They fell in love at the time of the Spanish Revolution. Her father, Gabriel Loperena, a socialist, was arrested by Franco's forces and was to be executed. Isabel's mother-to-be went to the warden and, through her impassioned pleas, managed to get him released.

When I met Isabel, she was a graduate student in music at Boston University, married to a doctoral student at Harvard University.

Isabel, her husband and a few friends lived together in a hippy-political commune in Cambridge. Like lots of other young people at that time, Isabel and her husband were distressed by the war in Vietnam. And they were adventurous.

As it happened, I had come to Harvard in the spring of 1969, with a handful of friends, to confront the students and faculty of the university with the notion that, in the face of the Vietnam war, rebellion was the only honest course of action.

In the heat of the resulting confrontations at Harvard that spring, Isabel and I fell in love. From that point we went off together and tried to find a way of keeping the excitement and our love alive.

After two years of trying, we lost track of each other. She went to Europe to talk to the big wigs of the situationist movement and never returned. I haven't seen her since.

King Collins (April., 2000)

P.S. to the inner circle. I've talked to Isabel on the phone. She sounds just like she used to. And, she's been in touch with Sid Lewis,. AND just recently (Feb. 2003) Susan told me she recognized Wilma's voice on the radio, I had forgotten that Wilma changed her name to Mya Shone. There are lots of references to Mya Shone on the web and she recently replied to an email I sent.


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