Cartoon from a leaflet/critique of the Orgonomists

The Real Reich

New York City, c.1971,

The Orgonomists are a dried up twig of Reichian thearapy that probably still exists, even today, 30 years later. Well, yes, we actually did throw eggs at some Orgonomists, after a "class" on the subject in New York City. It must have been around 1970 or 71. The cartoon figures were likenesses of ourselves. From left to right: King Collins, asking the rhetorical question, "Vandals! Why do you throw eggs at the Orgonomists?" Susan Crane, in cape; Wilma Lewis, who was arrested after this event, Peter Waring, who had a gun drawn on him by an offended student, and Isabel Supak. It was a scary night, but I think we got our point across.

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